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Multiple Tooth Implants
South Ogden, Utah

3D rendering of mouth with multiple tooth implants at at Skyline Implants & Periodontics in South Ogden, Utah
Missing teeth will not only lower your self-esteem but will also make you look older. It can make you stop laughing, smiling, or eating your favorite foods. If you are missing multiple teeth, consider undergoing multiple implant surgery, as it is a sure and excellent solution for replacing them.

At Skyline Implants & Periodontics, we offer multiple tooth implant services to help restore your self-esteem and enable you to eat your favorite foods.

Our skillful team has helped many patients replace their missing teeth - thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment that makes the entire process fast and simple.

Here in South Ogden, UT, our periodontists offer several choices to restore your smile, including multiple tooth implants.

What Are Multiple Tooth Implants?

Multiple tooth implants refer to dental implants used to replace missing teeth. More than one artificial tooth is combined in multiple tooth implants to help restore your missing teeth and jawbone.

How Do Multiple Tooth Implants Work?

Our periodontists will make sure that the fewest dental implants will be placed for the maximum result.

Implants can be spread apart so that multiple teeth can be replaced with only a few implants.

Traditional bridges on natural teeth provide a similar function; however, a natural tooth bridge can be a compromise because it removes a significant portion of the natural tooth.

Therefore, it can weaken the tooth and could create a higher susceptibility for decay.

Implant-supported bridges do not have these compromises and allow us to replace several teeth with only a few implants.

What Are the Benefits of Multiple Teeth Implants?

Multiple teeth implants help in the restoration of your natural smile. The new implants are custom fabricated and will sit directly on the gum line blending well with your smile.

The implants are a stable restoration solution as they will never let the bridge move out of position, ensuring you can consume your favorite foods and drinks.

Multiple teeth implants will help prevent jawbone degeneration and further tooth loss.

Multiple Tooth Implants Procedure

Our dentist will perform a first dental examination and take an x-ray of the jawbone and teeth to help prepare for the multiple tooth implant procedure.

Titanium posts are then placed on the jawbone replacing the tooth roots. The patient will then wait for the jawbone to integrate well with the titanium posts and heal.

Abutments are then attached to the dental implants. They are used in holding custom-made ceramic crowns the laboratory will make and match to your natural teeth.

Crowns will then be placed over the abutments and act as natural teeth.

How Long Do Multiple Tooth Implants Last?

Multiple tooth implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth. Multiple teeth implants can last up to 30 years. The lifespan of multiple tooth implants is dependent on how you take care of your teeth.

Who Is a Candidate for Multiple Tooth Dental Implants?

In order to receive multiple tooth dental implants, you must have good overall health as well as oral health. Your gums should be healthy with no signs of gum disease.

Is the Multiple Tooth Implant Procedure Painful?

Our dentists always strive to ensure you are comfortable during the multiple-tooth implant procedure. Local anesthesia will be injected to help numb the area and protect you from pain. However, like other surgeries, discomfort and bruising may be experienced afterward.

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